It is our belief that every Christian, scholar, theologian, and pastor ought to interact with a wide variety of reading. Literature (classic and modern), poetry, philosophy, non-fiction, the sciences, social sciences, and of course theology are all important to how we form opinions.  Here is a place to discuss what you’re reading no matter what it is. We do ask that people interact charitably with the material you read and the ideas of others in the group.

The Reformed Library

This whole site began as a Facebook group called “The Reformed Library.”  It has evolved into a community-driven collection of book reviews.  We hope to build a helpful resource that people can access for free.  You can read the blog for book reviews and discussion prompts. If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please review our Submission Guidelines and if you feel that you have something to offer then we would love to share it with our readers.  In our book reviews, we think critically and are unabashed Reformed theologians, although we strive to demonstrate the fruit of the spirit.  We recognize that many of the authors we review are fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and so we seek to treat them as such.  Our reviews are thoughtful, charitable, and primarily seek to offer commendations rather than rebukes.

The Podcast

podcast-symbolOur podcast releases every week to discuss a variety of books.  We want our discussion to be as broad as the readership of our group.  If you have a request for a podcast episode then feel free to request it in the Facebook group.


The Facebook Group

This group began as a Facebook discussion group and we hope that continues to thrive.  The website is to serve as a collection of our discussions, reviews, and to help spread our ethos within the reformed community.  If you aren’t already a member, then just click on “Join the Discussion” and you’ll be taken to our Facebook group.