Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we exist?

In the 21st century, the average person encounters more information and resources in one day than most people throughout the history of the world would encounter in a lifetime.  Where do we begin?  The quest for knowledge and wisdom requires a great deal of discrimination in which resources we are to invest our time in.  The Reformed Library exists as a community for us to help one another sift through resources.  We summarize and review (book reviews) for those who don’t have time to read, we discuss (podcast) for those who want to dig deeper, and we convene (Facebook group) for broader discussion.  In short, we exist to discuss, discern, and commend resources to fellow readers.

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What do you mean by “Reformed”?

First and foremost the term “Reformed” refers to a branch of Christian theology.  Many who participate in our discussions do not come from this persuasion, although both of the hosts do.  “Reformed” can serve as a broad term which spans from some Anglican, virtually every Presbyterian, and many Baptists.  We associate with this label not to be exclusive, but simply to be candid.

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Do you accept submissions for book reviews?

Yes, we are always looking for book reviews to add to our collection.  We have some specific guidelines available for those who are interested in contributing.  We ask that you review them carefully before submitting.  At this time, we do not offer any compensation for these reviews, although you will receive credit for your work.

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