Submission Guidlines

Our goal at The Reformed Library is to be a place for Christian readers to interact with a diverse selection of books and to develop a copious reading habit; one of the ways we hope to encourage and promote diversity in reading and thought is by offering book reviews by thoughtful and intelligent writers. We believe that hearing from a multiplicity of voices will aid believers from any tradition to have a well-rounded perspective on life. So if you think that a book you have read deserves to be reviewed and shared with the world, then we encourage you to submit your review to The Reformed Library! Please send all submissions to The Reformed Library.

Our guidelines for submission are as follows:

  • Include citations. Please include footnotes for all quotes included in your review. MLA, Chicago, or Turabian style footnotes only. If a quote is from the book you are reviewing a footnote is not necessary, but we ask that you include a Harvard style in-text citation.
  • Keep it short. Please keep your review below 1,000 words, roughly 2.5 pages. Our desire is to provide thorough, yet concise and accessible reviews. If the book you are reviewing is considerably lengthy or dense and is deserving of multiple reviews, please submit them individually and we will consider publishing them in a multiple part series.
  • Be charitable and honest. Our desire is to promote respectful and thoughtful discussion, so if a book is deserving of a negative review, please do so with grace and honesty. Avoid fallacious argumentation (such as “straw-man’ arguments or ad hominem attacks), they are dishonest and unkind towards the author. Please do your homework, we are not a large operation and do not always have time to fact-check your submission, so we trust that you will do the hard work of making honestly substantiated claims about an author or particular work.
  • Be wise.  We accept article submissions on books of any genre or from any author, so for sake of loving your neighbor well, please choose the books you review wisely. Some books are deserving of a negative review, but are still worth reading; others are not worth reading and not worth recommending to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Remember that we are writing for the glory of God.
  • Include necessary info.  Please include your name and if you’d like, a short bio (one paragraph is great). Don’t forget to include the full title of the book, it’s author, genre, publisher, and all other pertinent information.
  • Write for the benefit of others.  This is not an essay contest or a theological journal.  It is not a place to impress, but to serve.  No one has the time, energy, or resources to read everything they would like.  By writing an accessible review you may be giving a tremendous gift to your brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Provide Biography.  Please provide your name as you would like it to appear and a 2-3 sentence biography if you so desire.

By submitting any content, please know that you are agreeing to the following:

  • If you are submitting an article, you are giving it to us. We promise to give you proper credit if we use your review.
  • If we publish your article we may need to edit it slightly. If we need to edit it more than “slightly” we will contact you for review.
  • We may or may not publish your review. If we decide to publish your review we will contact you to let you know, if we decide not to publish, we will not.