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Book Review: The Doctrine of God by Gerald Bray

The Doctrine of God by Gerald Bray is challenging but approachable, academic but practical, and assertive but fair-minded. The task is of his book is to not only to equip the reader with a biblical and functional understanding of the doctrine of God but also to trace the doctrine through history. His task is achieved brilliantly, and the book makes itself a staple of any theologian’s library.

The book is ultimately readable, though it could probably be more so. For example, the entire book is only six chapters. Breaking it into more chapters or sections would give the reader a chance to exhale and reflect on his writing, but instead, he presses on for 60 pages at a time through dense material. Additionally, his diction can occasionally seem cluttered or convoluted, but this is understandable because there are times where he handles content that requires very technical writing. Consequently, there are occasions where many stipulations must be attached to a sentence. Perhaps this is inevitable, but either way, it complicates the reader’s task. If someone were troubled by the difficulty of this book, I would encourage them not to abandon it but rather to find friends and read it in community, as many its sections may be better processed in this manner regardless.

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